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Sunday, 15 October 2017

CHAIN D.L.K. Issue 5-(Fanzine-Chain DLK-Italy-July/August 1998)

Number 5 of this stunning fanzine, I already posted the number 6 and the  number 7 released the same year in October coming with the cd compilation number 2.

I also already spoke about D.L.K. Zine managed by  Marc Urselli-Schärer before He started to cooperate with Maurizio Pustianaz.
This excellent fanzine is still active as a webzine, check it here.

Also in this number lots of interesting interviews + tons of reviews of cds, vinyls  and tapes.
Enjoy it.

Friday, 13 October 2017

INK-Reagent Specs-(Monitor Records-USA-2001)

Ink was a minimalist post-rock band from Baltimore, Maryland(USA) formed in 1997 from the remains of Maryland scene bands Candy Machine and Science Kit.
Composed of Peter Quinn (Vocals), Lyle Kissack (Drums), and Craig Bowen (Guitars), the trio released two albums, 2000's Ink, and 2002's Reagent Specs. Both were issued on Monitor Records. By the time the band had run its course, in 2005 or so, the trio had expanded to a quartet and Nat Rabb was being credited as bassist.(info from lastfm)

 Enjoy it.

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

CONCRETE SOX/DOOM-Concerto Al C.S.A. Udine-(Not on Label-c90-Italy-1989)

Very good recording of this great gig at the squatted social center in Udine(Northern Italy) on the 30/03/1989.
Concrete Sox was a UK hardcore/crust band formed in the early 1980's - broke up in the 1990's. As of 2009, they are reformed by founding member Vic Croll.I am not sure if they are still active now.
Doom  Formed in 1987 in Birmingham, United Kingdom, however, they began as The Subverters, with Bri Doom (guitar), John Pickering (bass/vocals) and Jason "Hog" Hodges (drums). About the time Hog was replaced by new drummer, Mick Harris (Napalm Death), the band changed its name to Doom. (read more...)
This tape was re-released as CD-R in 2010 by those labels: 
Lazypunx Autoproduzioni, Fra Il Di' E Il Fa' Al'E' Di Mieç Il Mâr Autoproduzioni.
The music in this folder is my rip of the tape, I have added the graphix of the CD-R taken from discogs.
I guess this will make happy all the crust-punks around the world.
Enjoy it.


1 Concrete Sox Eminent Scum 2:55
2 Concrete Sox Keep Control 3:35
3 Concrete Sox Scientific Slaughter 1:38
4 Concrete Sox Who Was The First? 3:27
5 Concrete Sox Euthanasia 4:04
6 Concrete Sox Woman's Work 2:28
7 Concrete Sox Sewer Rat 2:52
8 Concrete Sox Speak Siberian Or Die 3:51
9 Concrete Sox Product 2:08
10 Concrete Sox Moustache 1:43
11 Concrete Sox Today's World 3:57
12 Doom (2) Means To An End 3:13
13 Doom (2) A Dream To Come True 1:24
14 Doom (2) Exploitation 1:55
15 Doom (2) No Thought 3:00
16 Doom (2) Money Drug / Fear Of The Future 3:52
17 Doom (2) Same Mind 1:47
18 Doom (2) Life In Freedom Governed By Love 0:44
19 Doom (2) Universe (Cover) / Life Lock 4:15
20 Doom (2) Bury The Debt 2:02
21 Doom (2) Means To An End 5:30

Companies, etc.


"Concerto al C.S.A. di Via Volturno a Udine il 30/03/1989"
The song "Universe (Cover)" is a cover of Black Sabbath' song "Symptom Of The Universe"

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

GREEN BRIGADES-Ecologist Paper n7-(Self Released-Poland-1992)

Very informative and well-done magazine about environmental subjects, long articles, and info about green energy, environmental disasters, holistic architecture and more interesting related subjects.

40 A5 pages full of very good essays.
Although created in Poland ,this magazine is all in English language.
Enjoy it.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

FRAMMENTI-Live El Paso-(El Paso Produzioni-Italy-1995)

Amazing gig by the legendary Frammenti in this famous squat of their home town.
Frammenti plays a fast and ,at the same time, very personal style of HC punk.Their poetic lyrics are mesmerizing.They,quickly, captivated a large community of fans with their powerful shows in the mid 90s.
A band that became imminent cult,somehow.
 The recording of this live tape is pretty good,the cover sleeve reports no info or songtitles.
I have already posted few tapes released by  El Paso , a big squat in Torino(Northern Italy)active since 1987,one of the oldest in Europe ,it is still squatted and very active.Here their webpage.
Enjoy it.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

FISK INDUSTRIES-The Isle Of Wight EP-(Highpoint Lowlife-UK-2003)

The real name behind this project is Mat Ranson.Fisk Industries plays a good downtempo and IDM.
This ep offers us 6 nice tracks and it was released in 2003.
Active between 2001 and 2011, Hightpoint Lowlife used to be a London based record label enthused about all forms of new sound. Their releases ranged from glacial drone and engulfing digital sprawls through to half-step bass heavy hip-hop, head nodding distorted noise, and anything else that doesn’t sound quite right!(all the info from Discogs)
Enjoy it.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

ARS MORIENDI/MONOKROM-Hexass/First Session-(Fich Art-Germany-1991)

Great split tape with two great projects coming from this amazing German label Fich Art.
 Monokrom is another eardrum terrorist that will trigger some more brain distortions on planet Earth. Metallic bass grooves distorted at wishes, flows of deteriorated machine sounds, over-manipulated and undefinable noise assaults, sharp metallic distortions of the kind found on hostile alien airwaves, relentless scratched beats and vibrating lamenting voice fragments all belong to Monokrom's new order of chaos. Dark atmospheres aggravate to cold, sheer fear; the ultimate threat. Massive beats, torn to shreds by metal splinters, subfrequent sequences, metallic echoing, herald the advance of an inorganic intelligence without hurry, though victory is near. 
 Ars Moriendi [Bielefeld, Germany] were founded in 1989.
Their lineup consisted of various members including: Andrea Börner [KYAM, Monokrom, Templegarden's], Andreas Schramm [KYAM, Monokrom, Templegarden's, Asche, Riviera Lost Boys], Phillip Münch [Cell Auto Mata, The Incredible Three, Mandelbrot, Monokrom, Rasputeen In Heavy Leather, Rasputin, The Rorschach Garden, Show Of Exaggeration, Synapscape, Templegarden's], Sven Pügge [Moata Omen], Tim Kniep [The Incredible Three, Monokrom, Synapscape, Templegarden's], Urs Münch
Fich Art is the amazing label founded in 1989 by the members of Ars Moriendi, Moata-Omen, Asche and T.R.G. to promote their music.
It is still very active and you can get info and news visiting their nice webpage.
Enjoy it.

Thursday, 5 October 2017


An amazing band born in Foggia in 1997 and playing in this cd traditional Balkan songs with their own arrangements, very good musicians, and professional recording.
 I think they are still active yet with a different lineup and probably different instruments too. 
If you are into klezmer music and east European sounds then this cd will make you happy.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

DRUNK NACH OSTEN N2-(Fanzine+Cdr-Drunk Nach Osten-Czech Republic-2010)

Very good fanzine in English language from  Czech Republic, this issue comes with a long and nice compilation on Cdr including many Cezch punk bands.
The 68 pages offset printed fanzine offers us long interviews to Human Error(Hungary), Critica Radicala(Romania),
Grazhdanskaya Oborona(Russia), Punk Rock and HC Punk in Czechoslovakia before 1989, Latvia punk scene report, Balkanika Core Fest I August 2008 report, and tons of CDs reviews, flyers, pictures, and info.
A great fanzine with many useful insights about the lively east European @punk scene of the last decade. 
The Cdr includes 38 tracks from 30 bands, all of them playing their own personal punk rock, HC punk and similar music. 
A very good work both as zine and as music compilation.
Big thanx to Martina for this nice gift from Czech Republic.
Enjoy it. 


1Graždanskaja Oborona*Kogo To Esche
2Graždanskaja Oborona*Sistema
3Graždanskaja Oborona*Plastelin
4Human Error (6)Semmi Nem Számit
5Human Error (6)This Age Decline
6Human Error (6)Fuck The Police
7DupletNe Mesnaj Me Kurit
10TolerantaNadto Visoka Cina
11Liberate Or DieDavi Faschizm
12MurderBack To Hell
14True (9)Legal Robbery
15Pavilionul 32Viata Normala
16Pavilionul 32No Vrem Ura
17Čapajevs VagonsMezha Darbi
18DilönisGott Mit Uns
19Inokentijs MārplsTaa Kaa Pavasarii
2033x Letnij Podonok*Kopi Ljubjat Svoju Rabotu
22AnaerobaWinter Tale
23Raincoat 34Zkoušej
24GeldshitSprzedana Mlodość
25Mladina KinaIf You Don't Let Us Talk
26KomatozKto Dal Im Pravo
27Zasrali SolnceFashizm Ne Projdet
28Critica RadicalaTurnul Babel
29Ted Kaczynski (2)Pobetitelej Net
31Biala DoraczkaLiczac Od Blysku Grzmotu
33Evidence SmrtiNeexistující Smír
34A-64Já Nemám Šajn
36Kečup (3)Eugenie
37Kečup (3)Lupič
38Ankylym*Nazi Punx Fuck Off

Sunday, 1 October 2017

v.a.-Soup Is A Good Food-(Not On Label-France-1994)

A very eclectic compilation here.Lots of bands from various countries playing different kind of music: noise,  weird rock, new wave, punk, powerviolence and experimental music.
The folded black and white xerox cover sleeve report song-titles, bands addresses and some info.
All the bands appear with a good recording, lots of good tracks.
Enjoy it
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Saturday, 30 September 2017

CALHOUN CONQUER-Lost In Oneself-(Aaarrg Records-Germany-1989)

Excellent album by this Swiss band playing a very personal form of tech-prog-thrash metal.They formed in Zurich in 1987 and disbanded in1993.
Professional musicians, great recording, nice graphics, and lyrics...the mix to become big was all there yet they never became famous and quickly disappeared only a few years after this pure gem, sadly.
Aaarrg was a German label founded by Alex Thubeauville in the mid-80s and now inactive.
For all the fans of Voivod and Young Gods.
Enjoy this masterpiece.

Ripping Thrash n13/Why n4-(Split Fanzine-UK-1997)

Ripping Thrash was a zine managed by Steve in Burton-On-Trent during the 90s.He was also running a distro and a tape label called simply Mut.
I have already posted the number 14 and the number 12
This issue is split with WHY a fanzine created by John in Selby(North Yorkshire).
Interesting articles,reviews of zines and music releases and cool graphix too.
I am including here the editorials of both zines.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

BULIMIA BANQUET-Live A Forte Prenestino il 4/5/91-(Kontagio Produzioni Tapes-Italy-1991)

This is an amazing document about the Bulimia Banquet gig in this famous Italian squat.
This band from Los Angels(California, USA ) plays a very personal style of alternative punk, somehow touching the indie, the math rock, and the hardcore punk.A genial band delivering explosive live performances with funny talks and lyrics.This tape is here to prove it with an excellent recording.
Kontagio Produzioni Tapes was a small distro releasing mostly live tapes recorded in this massive squat(probably the biggest in Europe).
Forte Prenestino is, in fact, a fort squatted on the end of the 80s and still alive and kicking. 
To complete this post I am attaching few nice pics of their gig at the Diskarika Occupata in Foggia during the very same
tour.Big thanx To Giuseppe M. for those pics.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday, 24 September 2017


Happening Digitali Intereattivi was a project created and coordinated by Tommaso Tozzi.
It consisted of cd, a cd-Rom, a floppy disk and a 161 pages book.
All the images, music and texts were re-manipulable. 
A long lists of artists contributed to this very interesting project.Here I am c+p some info taken from Discogs.
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Re-manipulable interactive music, texts and images

A package designed and coordinated by

DIGITAL INTERACTIVE HAPPENINGS is an anthology of music, texts and images fruit of a team-work carried out by many people who have adopted methodological and creative criteria allowing other people's works to be manipulated in succession. The result: a huge joint cut-up. Networks of musicians, writers, and artists throughout Italy have been teamed up by Tommaso Tozzi to produce music, texts and images by sequentially re-manipulating each other's cue. In the majority of cases, the tool for such creative works has been a computer. All have been recorded in the form of digital data to allow anyone having a personal computer to join the networks and participate in the creation of open-end artistic works. Some works have been carried out and exchanged by exploiting the HACKER ART BBS, a digital data bank which can be accessed via computer and modem.
Writers : Agenzia di Comunicazione Antagonista, Baroni (Rumore), Bedini (Gronge), Branzaglia, Tsche @ Streik (Officine Schwartz), Daolio, Damsterdamned, Decoder, Gasparinetti, Gavyna, Giannuizzi, Gros (Officine Schwartz), Mace (Trap Magazine), Roby One Kenoby (Amen), Luigi e Oliver (Nautilus - Lega dei Furiosi), Perretta, Philopat (Decoder), Pinto, Renzoni, Spalck (Pankow), Storai, Valcavi (Informe), Vitolo, Bramante (Wide Records), Zingoni (G.M.M.)
DIGITAL INTERACTIVE HAPPENINGS has been self-produced by Tommaso Tozzi with the collaboration of:
Leonardi V-Idea (Genova), Neon (Bologna), SiLab (Firenze), Paolo Vitolo (Milano), Wide Records (Pisa).
CD-ROM, book (161 pages) and floppy disk (packed in a single 5 V4" floppy disk-container made of rigid, transparent plastics) has been distributed at the social centers, self-run distribution outputs, floppy-disk shops, bookshops, art galleries and computer shops.
Printed in 1100 copies (sold out).


Barcode and Other Identifiers


1 No Title
Written-By – Chiari*, Tozzi*
2 No Title
Written-By – Ludus Pinsky, FM*, Tax (2)
3 Casa Occupata Nel Tardo Pomeriggio
Written-By – Lion Horse Posse, Radio Gladio
4 No Title
Written By – Le Role*, S.F.*Written-By – MGZ
5 E Poi Chi C'è: Alessia È Un Trans
Written By – Alessia/Andrea AvanziniWritten-By – Gaiani*, Helena Velena
6 No Title
Written By – Le Role*, S.F.*Written-By – MGZ
7 No Title
Written-By – Ludus Pinsky, FM*, Tax (2)
8 Grida Il Nome Nell'Apposito Spazio
Written By – Trans xxxWritten-By – Gaiani*, Helena Velena
9 No Title
Written By – Le Role*, S.F.*Written-By – MGZ
10 Ay No Dub
Written By – De Luca*Written-By – Cesare*
11 Mister X
Written By – De Luca*Written-By – Marco Cesare
12 Mr. X
Written By – "Fantin"*, "La Repubblica"*
13 La Canzone Intelligente
Written-By – Alessandro Denni, Cochi E Renato
14 Muoviti Muoviti Vai Avanti (Ciò Che Chiami Nostalgia Non È Assolutamente Ciò Che Sto Cercando
Written By – "Campi"*, "Gilero"*Written-By – Helena Velena
15 No Title
Written By – Michele Mariano, "Mercuri"*, "R.N."*
16 Hipersonix 207 BPM
Written By – "Chip" Boni*, "Steve Rozz"*
17 Reprise
Written By – "Chip" Boni*, "Steve Rozz"*
18 No Title
Written By – "Mariano"*, "Mercuri"*, "R.N."*
19 GovernoTagliTasse
Written By – "Massimo Contrasto"*, "Mikeletron"*
20 PsilocibinaDigitale
Written By – "Massimo Contrasto"*, "Mikeletron"*
21 Quasimec
Written By – "Mikeletron"*, (Utenti Hacker Art BBS)*
22 No Title
Written By – "Mariano"*, "Mercuri"*, "R.N."*
23 Meteorite In Avvicinamento Alla Tua Finestra
Written By – "Bertoni & Serotti"*Written-By – Le Forbici Di Manitù
Written By – Riz A Porta*Written-By – Nannelli*, Marescalchi*, Luca Pancrazzi
25 Modula
Written By – "Nati"*Written-By – Maurizio montini
26 Mandala Random Music
Written By – AnonymousWritten-By – Glessi*
Written By – Marescalchi*, "Riz A Porta"*Written-By – Nannelli*, Luca Pancrazzi
Written By – "Riz A Porta"*Written-By – Nannelli*, Marescalchi*, Pancrazzi*
Written By – "Riz A Porta"*Written-By – Nannelli*, Marescalchi*, Pancrazzi*
30 Lo Stitico
Written-By – Musica & Immagine*
31 1:1
Written-By – Enrico Serotti, Le Forbici Di Manitù, Bertoni*
Written-By – Montini*, Leddi*
33 43b44mv3
Written-By – Montini*, Leddi*
34 Strutture Molecolamellari
Written By – "Nati"*Written-By – Montini*
35 No Title
Written-By – Chiari*, Tozzi*