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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

BAD BRAINS-Live in New York and Stevenage-(A.Z. Distro - Italy -199?)

Bad Brains are an American hardcore punk band formed in Washington, D.C., in 1977. They are widely regarded as among the pioneers of hardcore punk,[1][2][3] though the band's members have objected to this term to describe their music.[4] They are also an adept reggae band, while later recordings featured elements of other genres like funk,[5] heavy metal,[1] hip hop and soul.[5] Bad Brains are followers of the Rastafari movement.[5(from wikipedia).
This tape is a re-issue by the italian A.Z. distro managed by a  @Punx collective from Pavia(northern Italy),the A.Z . comes from their fanzine called Astro Zombies.
The live recording is pretty good,not many info on the cover sleeve.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday, 19 February 2017

v.a.-URGENZA SONORA Vol.1-(Dumbo Distro-Italy-c60-199?)

60 minutes cassette sampler compiled by Dumbo Distro sometimes in the 90s.
It features old italian HC Punk bands from the 80s.A good selection of tracks and names.
If you are into old school italian Hc Punk then you`ll like this one.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday, 18 February 2017

PUNCHLINE "Cop" Re-issue -n7.5-(Magazine-Usa-July 1990)

Re-issue 7.5 of the "Cop" subject issue Punchline Magazine,I already posted the Number 5 "WARning" and The number 13 "Static Elect Trickery"
This was the amazing magazine created and assembled  by John Yates-(I must give him a big thanx for giving me permission to post here those fantastic magazines)- and  friends during the early 90s.
A webpage about his amazing graphix work is here and you can explore there his great art-works,books and related materials.A facebook page about Punchline is here.
In its 32 A4 b/w pages you`ll find  astonishing graphix about the subject "Cop" some of them printed on t-shirt or used by punk bands for flyers and/or music productions and other fanzines.
This is unquestionably a classic of the underground press from the 90s.
Enjoy it.
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Friday, 17 February 2017

Punishment Park Early Biography + Rare Video Concert 1991-(Norway - 1991)

Here a promotinal pic and info about this amazing Partycore band from Os, Norway (near Bergen),in this folder you`ll find also few pages with an early biography (in english language).

I am also attaching here a rare short video of their very first gig in Oshallen in Osyøro/Norway in 1991 + the info taken from that Youtube channel.
Enjoy it. 
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This is one of the very first shows Punishment Park ever did as a band. It was support for the band Stage Dolls in 1991. The show took place in Oshallen in Osøyro south of Bergen in Norway. The band played songs from their now legendary self-title first album which was released in august 1991. This is a very rare recording of the band from that period. And it has been a secret up till now (even for the band) that someone did record this show back then. The line up: Kjell - guitar, Claes - bass, Pez - drums, Anja - vocals. Enjoy Punishment Park live from 1991.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

DOGSTAR COMMUNICATIONS-Ain Soph-(Dogon Musick-Usa-1997)

Dogstar Communications seems to be an american project where few artists join forces to play a kind of non-conventional tribal/esoteric music mixing some dark ambient,etheral voices,echoes of some unknown electronic passages and obscure rhythms.
A great album for the lovers of certain mesmerizing occult powers and gripping reverberations.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday, 14 February 2017


There are very few info on the cover sleeve of this tape yet quite few things make me conclude that this band (or project) is somehow strictly tied to the band Inzirli, band already covered in this blog.
Same town,same dialect used to sing some songs,the handwriting on the actual tape,Snait is the same label that released the very first ep by Inzirli and eventaully the last song on the B side of this tape called, in fact ,Inzirli.
As for the music expect personal and rhtymic/frantic off the edge HC Punk mixed with lots of different influences(rock,noise,folk...)!
A great cassette with an excellent recording.
If this is a side project by Inzirli or friends of them remains a mistery to me yet this is very enjoyable.
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Monday, 13 February 2017

GLOBAL HOLOCAUST-Hope?-(Self Released-Canada-1993)

Global Holocaust is a Canadian crust band formed in 1989 and based in Montreal. Broke up in 1996 after being banned in the city. Reformed in 2004.(from a discogs page about them)
This tape offers us 25 tracks of brutal grindcore,the recording is ok and the cover sleeve reports lyrics and info.
Enjoy it.
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